It’s up to you to move around whenever you want, so make sure you do. Make it your aim for the night to meet everyone in the room. Check out the potential and head for your top choice, first. Be ready to flirt, that’s what it’s all about and with the inevitable “that’s what she said” moments, this is the perfect opportunity!

  • Come open-minded: The point of this mixer is to meet people. Come with an inviting attitude and optimism that you will have a great time. We don’t need any Debbie Downers or Lame Lenny’s at this party!
  • Come with a friend: No one said you had to show up alone! If you are single and your friend is not, bring him or her anyway, for moral support. Only those who choose to participate in the  Lock and Key game will do so.
  • Do dress up: First impressions are key at a singles mixer. But don’t over do it! No one wants to be thought of as “not trying” or “trying too hard”. Come as you are, dressed appropriately and ready to mingle.
  • Do have a smile on your face: This go back to the first tip up there. No Debbie Downers or Lame Lenny’s allowed!
  • Have fun!: This night is all about the experience. No one said that the first person you match locks and keys with is the person you are suppose to spend the entire evening with. Nonchalantly let them know that you are here to have fun and continue playing this guessing game and meet more new, interesting people.
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