Still not sure what this event is all about? Hopefully this page will answer your questions and ease you mind. If you have further questions that are not answered by these posts, please contact us by email at info@eventstylings.ca

Q: How does a Lock & Key Event work?

A: These types of events are like Happy Hour, with an ice breaker. These events are not structured in any way. Once you check in and receive your lock or key, you’re free to approach whomever you like, whenever you like, for as long as you like.

Q: How many people go to parties like these?

A: Typically, 100-120 people attend each party. They party itself is not too elaborate, so that you will be actually be able to meet new people.

Q: How many men/women attend each event?

A: We can never guarantee an exact ratio of men to women, but it is our goal to make sure that these parties are evenly populated by both genders through the ticket sales.

Q: What’s the mix of different cultures like? 

A: We strive for a mix of many cultures, seeing as we are hosting this event in the very multicultural city of Toronto. We do our very best to have most cultures represented, as evenly as possible.

Q: What’s the typical age range of people who attend? If I’m outside of it can I still go?

A: No matter what your age, you are welcome to attend any event you wish. But, please keep in mind, that most people attending an event assigned to a certain age range are looking to meet people within that specified age range. This particular event is geared towards young professionals, aged 24-39.

Q: I’m going! What do I wear?

A: Although many of our parties are after-work affairs and people are dressed in work clothes, you can be a bit casual too. If there is no dress code stated for the party, just dress to impress.

Q: What do I do when I “unlock” with someone?

A: Congratulations! Once you find a match to your lock or key, you then walk over to the Lock & Key Distribution Station and exchange your old hardware for a new lock or key. PLUS, you get a raffle ticket that gets you an entry into the raffle for the end of the night. The goal is to make as many matches as possible to get more raffle tickets. The more tickets you have, the more chances you have to win prizes!

Q: What if I meet someone that I like?

A: We hope you meet several people that you like! Feel free to ask for, or, hand out contact information on your own.

Q: The Lock And Key Event I want to attend says it’s full, can I still just show up?

A: It is really important that you purchase tickets with us as early as possible. Sometimes we have to limit participation by one gender or another to ensure there is a good gender balance.

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