Lock and Key Mixers

Lock and Key mixers are about correctly matching the right lock with the right key and meeting people, while you’re at it. For those that want to participate, the ladies are given a lock to wear round their necks and guys are given a key.

The aim of the evening is to match as many locks and keys as you can throughout the evening. Each time a match is found, the successful pair are each given a ticket to be entered into a draw to win prizes.

Our event is for young professionals who want something a little different than just going out on the town to a club or a lounge.

We are targeting anyone within the ages of 25 to 39.

With each lock and key interaction, take your time and chat to the people you want to, and move on from the ones you don’t.

A Lock and Key Mixer may sound like a rather tacky way to spend an evening, but you might be surprised at just how much the simplicity of it all allows you to meet people. After all, that’s the whole point of a dating event, right?

No need to think up any decent introductory/pick up lines, as your reason for approaching someone is already laid out for you. Beware of the inevitable “that’s what she said” moments at these events, there’s bound to be plenty of them!

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