Taliya’s 5th Birthday!


Look at this stuff. Isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you say Taliya’s birthday is complete? See what I did there..? If you were born in the ’80’s, you grew up on Disney movies. So did Taliya’s mother, Nelisha. And she has been watching movies with her daughter, since Taliya was born. When Taliya’s 5th birthday came around, Nelisha wanted to have a special birthday party for her special little girl.

When I was contacted by Nelisha to organize the birthday, I was more than thrilled and started thinking of ideas, right away. I met with the family and introduced myself to Taliya. She was super shy at first, but once we started talking about what type of theme she would have wanted her birthday party to be, she opened up right away! As I listed theme ideas, her eyes lit up when I got to the idea of a mermaid party – and so we had one!

Event Stylings executed Full Styling of this birthday party. Including a Candy Bar, craft area, cupcake icing station, face painting and feather extensions area, decor, loot bags and lastly, the set up and execution of the children’s games.

Here are a few highlights of the party for Taliya:

7 9

883927_494982037227071_1330190661_o 904612_494983000560308_931668689_o

564760_494983050560303_2004443346_n 893932_494983113893630_815576695_o


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