Tradition with a Modern Flare


Not only does Event Stylings run events of large scale, but we also run any event that you want to be remembered by your guests. Event Stylings’ will put our personal touches on your event to make it memorable for years to come. Erin wanted this for the baptism of her son, Nevan. After a preliminary phone meeting, I understood what she expected of my company and she was confident that her expectations would be met.

At first, she asked if the only services offered were planning, coordination, Candy Bars and Photobooths. I asked her what other types of services she had in mind. Event Stylings is open to hearing what our clients need and how we can help them get it!

Aside from booking Event Stylings to service the venue coordination, Erin wanted to know if it was possible to help with her parting gifts, escort cards, table numbers and envelope box (or busta box, for our Italian readers!). After some consideration and brainstorming, I was able to come up with a quote for these exact requests. Ask and you shall receive! Remember, Event Stylings wants to make your event as memorable as possible, as well as affordable as possible!

I got to work right away on these requests. I was so happy to incorporate these personal touches that also matched her entire theme since it was all coming from the same company.

Here are a few highlights of Nevan’s Baptism Reception:







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