The Lock and Key Mixer

Event Stylings primarily specializes in private functions. However, special events are also something that I have added to the roster of services provided by my team. I was approached by Emaad Siddiqui of FAME Media to partner in planning a singles mixer for the young professionals of Toronto. The planning, execution and coordination of the event was a great experience.
I am happy that I was able to bring my expertise to the table and turn this event into an evening like no other. Most young professionals, aged 25-39 do not have fun activities like this to participate in. Most of the time, young professionals go to dinner, clubs and lounges as their night out – which is perfectly fine. However, mixing it up with an evening like this, is definitely something that should not be passed up!!
We projected that 60 young professionals would find interest in an event like this. We were more than thrilled when over 80 young professionals attended that event. The rosters are closely monitored to make sure that there is an equal number of females to males. The event went off without a hitch and many individuals that I met that evening told me what a great time they had.
The atmosphere was warm and welcoming. The crowd was non-judgemental and very approachable. Please review the gallery to see for yourself!
Here are a few highlights from the Lock and Key Mixer:

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