“I bet the roads on the moon ain’t this smooth…”


The best compliment you can give any small business is repeat service. I was completely excited when Caitlin got in touch with me, once again, to include a small Candy Bar for her son, Kieran’s, 2nd birthday party. Caitlin was so impressed with the consultation and planning of her daughter, Kaia’s, 5th birthday party, that she did not hesitate to call me once again for her son.

Since Kieran was turning 2, the party consisted of mostly adults. Kieran has not started pre-school, so the party was geared towards family and friends of his parent’s. That being said, the birthday party still catered to what 2 year olds love best: Candy and Toy Cars. A Cars2 theme was put into place.

Kieran was born on the 2nd. Since he was turning 2, that made this party his champagne birthday! This was the secondary theme in place. Mimosa’s were served to the adults and the party began promptly after 11am. Turning the party into a brunch. With Kieran’s nap schedule being followed to a “T”, this was also the perfect time to begin the party!

Here are a few highlights of the party for Kieran:

530413_443036999088242_1003578646_n 530413_443037002421575_458041808_n


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